Hope Hop Music Family              

Changing Lives With A Microphone






 Hope Hop Music Family is blowing up the music scene. Known for their positive high energy music, they are well on their way to placing their mark in the music industry.  Buttrfliie, Sunny D, Beauty, and Purpose are 4 groups of artist that come together as “Hope Hop music Family” with a mission to change lives with a microphone and through dance. From L.A. to Africa someone has encountered Hope Hop Music. The movement started in Long Beach CA and has spread like wildfire blazing stages at Taste of Soul, Long Beach Unity Festival, Tommy the Clown Battle Zone, LA Convention Center, Summer Pro Basketball League, Gospel fest, and the list is endless. The mission is to encourage young people not to allow their situation to stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. Purpose the CEO and founder of Hope Hop Music Family decided to use his skill in music to help the youth by giving them an outlet through music to express themselves. Also He saw it as a way to occupy idle time which could easily lead them on the wrong path. Along with the music the youth are taught respect, determination, and an attitude of never giving up