Hope Hop Music Family              

Changing Lives With A Microphone






HHMF Mission

Hope Hop Music Family changing lives with a microphone. Our mission is to change the lives of people all over the world through music and dance. We would like to bring a more positive, motivating, and high energy music to dance too.





Our Goal is to encourage young people not to allow their situation to stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. Purpose the CEO and Founder of Hope Hop Music Family decided to use his skills in music to help the youth by giving them an outlet through music to express themselves. Also He saw it as a way to occupy idle time which could easily lead them on the wrong path. Along with the music the youth are taught respect, determination, and an attitude of never giving up. We also provide the lyrics, production, studio, photo shoots, video, video editing, music engineering, song writing, artist development, and stage presence for the youth to experience having their own music in a professional outlet. They also have opportunities to perform on stage at events that allows them to show case their talents and build their self-confidence. They are becoming positive role models for other youth their ages.





If you believe in our cause and you would like to partner with us to make a difference in these children's lives we would appreciate your donation in helping us continue providing these services to the youth Thank you!